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1000L Brandy distillation equipment
1000L Brandy distillation equipment

1000L Brandy distillation equipment

Product description
Support different battery pack function tests of different 3C products; Support different overload current requirements of products; Support customer production system, MES and other systems.

1.Introduction: brandy distillation equipment is a continuous distillation method, from grapes or other fermented fruits as raw materials, extract high-quality spirits (such as brandy) special equipment. The processing mode can be manually or automatically set to extract high purity alcohol at a reasonable temperature and volatility, and the head, middle and tail can be separated as required.

2.Equipment structure and working principle: brandy distillation equipment is a unit composed of distilling pot, gooseneck, preheater, condenser and a finished product tester. The single equipment is connected by pipes, forming a complete distillation system.

(1) The body of the still pot is welded into an integral whole with a cylindrical and upward convex spherical bottom and top cover, which is heated by gas or coal. There is a drain valve behind the side of the pot. Above the safety valve, temperature machine, pressure gauge, feed port, etc. The gooseneck is a curved air envelope and a curved pipe structure. The preheater is oval structure, and the upper part is installed with detachable top cover and thermometer. The cooler is of spiral coil structure.

(2) The fermented wine is added to the still and brought to a boil. The vapors evaporate, collect in the bubbles above, and are distilled through the bend into the serpentine tube. After condensation to the condenser, the resulting "crude distillate", that is, the first distillate, containing alcohol 28%- 32%. The first distillate is readded to the still for a second distillation, resulting in "distillate", the second distillate. Rectification should be carried out according to the need for "throats", "wine heart". The "head" and "foot" are re-distilled with the wine or "coarse".

brandy distillation equipment process characteristics

1,long distillation time, need two distillation.

2,1 distillate is "crude wine", the original wine is about 30 degrees, 2 distillate the original wine, the wine is 50-75 degrees.

3,the first distillation time is about 8-12 hours, the second distillation time is about 8-12 hours.

4,the water consumption is large, take 1000 liter still as an example, 6 points water inlet pipe cooling, an hour of water consumption of about 1 ton, a distillation of water consumption of about 8-12 tons, secondary distillation of water consumption of about 8-12 tons, generally start distillation to open cooling water cooling, but also in the wine, it is necessary to open cooling water cooling, distillation completed, closed.

5,Fruity flavor is light aroma.

6,the consumption of heat energy is more, take coal burning boiler as an example, 1 hour to boil 1 ton of fermentation liquid to more than 100 jin of coal (theoretical data), a distillation of coal consumption of more than 800-1000 jin, secondary distillation of water consumption is also more than 800-1000 jin.

7,need to pinch the wine head, wine, wine tail, complicated operation, not easy to master.

8,wine quality impurities.

9,after each distillation there is wine tail, distillation is not good, generally according to the situation of distillation to 5-20 degrees, discharged, resulting in waste of raw materials.

10,long time distillation, resulting in the cracking of beneficial substances.

Product characteristics
Compatibility: modular design, supporting rapid product upgrading; Drawer type vehicle module, which supports non-stop maintenance;
Stability: highly stable vehicle design to protect product safety; Pogo blade module design has better contact effect;
Customization: Vehicle modules can be designed according to different products, and pogo blade modules can be designed to provide customized services;
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