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How to clean the new brewery fermentation tanks before use?

Before starting to make any beer, cleaning tanks are one of the most important things. When the new device arrives at your beer factory, we have passed on stainless steel in the factory, and it should look very good. However, oil, dust, dirt and debris during transportation may remain on new stainless steel. You must know how to correctly clean them to ensure your Brewery Fermentation Tanks that can meet the hygiene requirements of brewing. Here are some prompts about how to clean the new brewery fermentation tanks.

1、Cleaning object

Stainless steel tank, stainless steel pipe (hard pipe) and hose (hose)

Cleaning tools/materials preparation

Pump with a circulatory tube (CIP sled, if available)

Clean water

Heating water heat source

Citric acid

Sodium dilute oxide

Hydrogen peroxide solution

Phosphate, silicate and non -corrosive alkaline cleaners

75% ethanol

2、General requirements

The rated pipeline flow ≥5m/s

Check the residual debris that are processed in the new equipment or pipelines (although we have tested it before the factory and water).

Ensure the normal work of safety devices, such as the PVRV valve on the fermentation tank. It is also necessary to check the cushion, end cover and valve to ensure that there is no leakage, and all electrical components work normally.

Protective measures -protection of skin and eyes from any acid or corrosive substances! Wearing clothes that can cover all skin, including rubber gloves and shoes. If not, please buy it. If you accidentally come into contact with these chemicals, wash it with flowing water immediately and use soda and vinegar to neutralize. When the situation is serious, you should seek medical treatment in time.

3、Cleaning process

Washing of stainless steel tanks and pipelines

Clean all mechanical oils, pavement dirt and dust with acid liquid, alkali and water, and then use disinfectant and sterile water for disinfection and sterilization. Because there are many different ways to clean the water tank, you can decide which procedures can be followed according to your current state.

4、Hose cleaning

Wash for 15 minutes with 1% diluted sodium oxide at 80-90 ° C, then rinse with water

Soak for 120 minutes with 1%hydrogen peroxide at room temperature

Valve and pipeline cleaning

When assembling and replacement, 75% ethanol cleaning valves, pads and accessories are installed.

Tank surface

If the outer surface of the water tank is dirty, use some cleaners to manually clean the stains.

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