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Why is the beer in your Beer Fermentation Tank frozen?

During beer brewing, beer plants often encounter the phenomenon of beer fermenter Tank. This will have a greater impact on beer brewing and beer quality. Let ’s discuss the reasons for the icing of beer fermenter Tank.

1.Unreasonable cover design

The cover area is too large and the heat dissipation area is too large. The fermentation solution is too small, the cooling speed is too fast, and the flowing is not timely, and the freezing phenomenon will occur.

2.Improper selection of temperature measurement points

The cone -shaped fermentation tank generally has four temperature measurement points: top, middle, bottom, and bottom. During the normal fermentation and cooling process, the upper temperature is lower than the lower temperature, which makes the convection in the beer fermenter Tank strong. In the later stage of fermentation, the fermentation liquid in the tank was relatively weak. And become calm. Therefore, during the fermentation period, the temperature measurement parameters of the fermentation tank should be selected as the temperature measurement point during the safety period.

3.Improper installation of thermometer

The temperature meter is too shallow, and the measured temperature parameters can only represent a certain local temperature, which is not easy to control; the thermometer is inserted too deep, and it is easy to form a larger temperature gradient, causing the beer in the beer fermenter Tank to freeze.

4.The thermometer display error

The accuracy of the temperature meter is also one of the reasons for the freezing of the fermented tank.

The accuracy of the thermometer shows that the person in charge of beer production can adjust the amount and switch of the refrigerant in time according to the accurate display of the thermometer. If the thermometer has a deviation (such as the temperature of the fermentation tank high) and the actual temperature of the wine is too low, it will cause the beer in the beer fermenter Tank to freeze.

5.Improper operation

Improper operation is one of the main reasons for beer fermenter Tank beer freezing. The temperature of the fermentation tank is achieved by the hot and cold exchange of the refrigerant. The temperature of the refrigerant is generally between -8 ° C and -4 ° C. After the front fermentation reduction is completed, if the cooling speed is too fast, the temperature of the dual acetyl reduction directly drops to 0 ° C fermentation liquid, which will not be free to flow the liquid close to the wall; If the flow is not timely, it will also cause freezing.

6.Refrigement temperature is unstable

The temperature of the refrigerant needs to be stable. Excessive or low refrigerant temperature will adversely affect the fermentation temperature control; if it is too high, it is not easy to cool down, and it is easy to cause the wine to freeze. Celsius.

7.Yeast discharge is not timely

Layout of yeast emissions is a very critical step in temperature control. If the yeast deposited at the bottom of the tank cannot be discharged in time, a lot of yeast mud will be accumulated in the tank, and the thermometer may be inserted in the yeast mud. At this time, the temperature displayed by the thermometer is the temperature of the yeast mud. Instead of the temperature of the liquid, the blind cooling causes frozen.

8.Instrument failure

The temperature measurement resistance of most of the fermented tanks of beer beer plants use platinum thermal resistance and stainless steel sleeve. Because the fermentation tank must be cleaned, imported, fermented, filter, etc., the temperature of the washing liquid during washing was 80 ° C-85 ° C, and the temperature of the fermentation liquid changed greaterly when storing the wine, ranging from 0 ° C to -1 ° C. And platinum thermal power metal jackets are easy to form condensate when they encounter hot and cold alternation. Inserting 45 ° downward, the condensate water is not easy to discharge. The heat resistance is immersed in the condensed metal metal shell for a long time, which can easily cause the heat resistance loss.

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