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What should I do if there is a problem with the commercial conical fermenter during its use?

  As a necessary equipment of the craft brewery, commercial conical fermenter sometimes has various problems during its use. Today we will talk about the common problems and solutions.

  1. Air leakage of large tank

  Air leakage is a common phenomenon when using commercial conical fermenter, which mainly occurs on the tank top. The solution is to check and clean the overpressure valve and vacuum valve frequently, and replace the sealing gasket in time.

  2. Beer freezes

  Beer icing is usually a vexing problem. However, it can be avoided as long as the temperature of refrigerant is well controlled during operation. Generally, the temperature of refrigerant shall be controlled within - 4~- 6 ℃, and shall not exceed - 8 ℃ at most. Here is a popular beer freezing point calculation formula: t ice=- (alcohol concentration X0.42+original wort concentration X0.04+0.2).

  3. Gradient distribution

  Gradient distribution refers to the phenomenon of gradient stratification of fermentation broth. As the large fermentation tank is more than ten meters high, its convection is poor, there is a temperature difference between the upper and lower liquids, the liquid density is different, and the CO2 content is high, so this situation is easy to occur. Solution: First, install a carbon dioxide cleaning device at the bottom of the water tank to clean the fermentation liquid and promote the uniform mixing of liquid; The second is to reasonably use the cooling jacket on the conical water tank; The third is to set two sampling points, sampling and mixing respectively to make the samples representative.

  4. Bacterial infection of commercial conical fermenter

  Due to the large surface area of the commercial conical fermenter, more external pipelines, and multiple incoming and outgoing materials or gases, it is easy to be infected with miscellaneous bacteria. The solution is to strictly clean and sterilize.

  5. Instrument calibration

  In order to prevent the instrument from making mistakes, the first is to use instruments with good quality when purchasing equipment, and the second is to calibrate and check the instrument regularly to prevent improper operation.

  6. Poor CPI cleaning effect

  When CPI cleaning effect is poor, there are two possible reasons: one is improper selection of equipment or components, and the other is improper use of cleaning agent. The solution is to correct according to different causes.

  Well, the above is about the solutions to the problems of commercial conical fermenter in craft beer! Welcome to discuss the related knowledge of craft beer with me!

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