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How is still copper cleaned

The cleanliness of still copper is the key to ensure the quality of the product. If the liquor touches the copper rust, it will produce blue-green precipitation, which will bring bad flavor to the product. It is worth mentioning that tower stills should pay special attention to the cleaning of the dead corner residues of the inner partition of the tower. The residues will affect the role of copper in fixing volatile fatty acids and sulfides, and will bring the smell of rice and "burnt meat oil", which directly affects the aroma of the distilled wine.

still copper factory general cleaning method:

Before use, the new still shall be treated as follows to remove the greasy and impurities left by the processing of the equipment.

still copper pot body cleaning:

Soak in 1% lye water for 4 hours, scrub clean, and then boil twice in clear water for 1 hour each time.

Cooler coil cleaning:

Close the wine outlet, fill it with 1% lye water, soak it for 4 hours, then rinse it with clean water, and then rinse it twice with steam for 1 hour each time in the case of no water in the cooler.

In daily use, the general cleaning method of still copper:

Discontinue the distiller for a period of time or continuously steam wine for half a month, or change the first distillation to the second distillation and end the distillation, all parts should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the purity of the wine.

1, alkali washing + washing

After unloading the pot, a 3%~5% alkali solution is prepared in the transfer tank. The CIP cleaning system of the equipment can be used to soak the inner wall of the equipment (2-4 hours) and pump circulating spray (1 hour) to discharge the lye.

Do a good job of protective measures, into the kettle, pot body, pot cap with cleaning cloth, brush or grape residue wipe (avoid using steel wire ball and other easy to scratch the kettle surface cleaning tools), wipe out the copper color, and then wash with water, so that copper can better contact with wine, remove the bad flavor of wine reaction, improve the quality of wine.

2, pickling + washing

After emptying, 3%~8% citric acid solution was prepared in the transfer tank. The CIP cleaning system of the equipment can be used to pump and circulate the inner wall of the equipment (1 hour) to drain the acid solution.

Rinse with water until the outlet is clean and colorless.

Boil clean water in the absence of water in the cooler. The pot cap, gooseneck and coil are washed by water steam for 1 hour.

After the clean equipment discharge water, can carry out distillation operation.


In daily life, how to clean small pieces still copper?

Add some baking soda to clean water and stir well to form solution 1. Add appropriate amount of vinegar to clean water, add a small amount of salt and stir well to form solution 2. Immerse the copper ware to be cleaned in solution 2 for 5-10 minutes, remove the surface residue with a mesh, and then immerse it in solution 1 to neutralize the acid on its surface, and wipe it.

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