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Wine-making knowledge: Principles of different still equipment

  (1) Semi-solid and semi-liquid still equipment

  Rice flavor wine, etc., adopts semi-solid and semi-liquid distillation. In the early stage of distillation, the concentration of mash is large and viscous, and indirect steam heating pipe is used for steam distillation. When the concentration of mash thickens, most of the wine has been steamed out, the liquid in the kettle is less, and direct steam is used for distillation to further distill the remaining tail wine.

   (2) Ancient wine condenser -- Tianpot

  In the ancient apparatus of distilling wine, there were POTS and retort barrels, but retort barrels above open a hole. The distillation cooling device is called a cauldron. The design of the pot, under the conditions and technology of the time, can be called ingenious. The structure of the pot is shallow, the pot bottom is pointed. Pot frame in retort barrel above, pot with cooling water. Ingenious is that there is a liquor drainage device to connect the bamboo tube wine plate, stretching into the retort barrel, is opposite the pot bottom tip. After the wine steaming up, the inner wall of the pot, into liquid, along the inner wall of the pot flow to the tip of the bottom, and then drop to the wine plate, connected to the bamboo tube was high outside the low, through the retort barrel hole, the liquor drainage outside the retort barrel. Between the pot and retort barrel, bamboo tube and retort barrel hole, with cotton pad seal.

  (3) Earthen stove

  Before the use of boiler for steam distillation in liquor industry, soju was used. In the north, earth cookers are common in underground cookers. There is a tall brick chimney behind the stove, which uses smoke gas to generate wind, so the stove fires itself without blowing equipment. Stove shelf an iron pot, pot with retort, grate, coat fermented grains of wine steaming. Steam transfer cylinder and condenser With the development of The Times, from bamboo steam cylinder, pot, tin steam cylinder, tin pot (tin water envelope), later after the development of tap water to tin convection cooler.

  (4) Modern distilling and cooling equipment for white spirits

  The brewing and distillation technology of liquor developed to the modern times, although there were breakthroughs in the technical fields of microorganisms, coolers, mixing and so on, but the fermentation vessel and retter barrel of distillation did not change, which were in use of the ancient process method principle. This is also the essence of the ancient traditional craft of baijiu.

  Modern distilling and cooling equipment of liquor, the application of modern science and technology, generally adopts boiler steam distillation, tubular convection cooler condensation liquor. With the development of technology, some new liquor cooling devices have appeared.

  With steam distillation unit master the operation and use

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