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What are the structural composition and main product characteristics of essential oil extraction equipment

essential oil extraction equipment is suitable for various processes such as atmospheric pressure, micro-pressure, water frying, wet immersion, warm immersion, heat reflux forced circulation, penetration, extraction and concentration of plant essential oil, aromatic oil components and organic solvent recovery and concentration in health care, plant, biopharmaceutical, pigment, food and beverage, chemical and other industries. In line with GMP medical standards.

Structural composition of essential oil extraction equipment:

The main body of the extraction tank includes an inner cylinder, a jacket layer, a thermal insulation layer, a stirring device, a support ear, a pneumatic slag outlet door, a pneumatic operating platform, etc. Extraction tank insulation layer with rock wool as insulation material.

The inner cylinder is made of SUS304/316L, the jacket is fully closed, and the outer cylinder is made of SUS304 matte steel sheet. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spray cleaning ball head, temperature measuring hole, explosion-proof light, sight mirror, quick-opening feeding port, etc., to ensure easy operation, in line with GMP medical standards. It has the characteristics of uniform solvent distribution and convenient slag extraction.

The multi-functional dynamic extraction tank has a variety of forms, such as straight cylinder extraction tank, positive cone extraction tank, oblique cone extraction tank, mushroom extraction tank and inverted cone extraction tank.

The complete equipment of extraction tank consists of 1. Extraction tank; Foam trap; 2. 3. Gas-liquid separator; 4. Cooler; 5. Condenser; 6. Oil-water separator; 7. Feed liquid pump; 8. Pipeline filter and internal connection pipeline.

Features of essential oil extraction equipment:

(1) Based on the three principles of reflux extraction, percolation extraction and Soxhlet extraction of existing extraction equipment, combined with the external heat cycle concentration technology, the extraction and concentration processes were concentrated on one equipment at the same time;

(2) The secondary steam produced by concentration is continuously sent into the extraction tank as a new heat source for extraction, to maintain the extraction temperature in the extraction tank;

(3) A large amount of steam in the extraction tank enters the refluxer and condenses into the hot condensate, which falls back to the extraction tank and is uniformly added to the surface of the medicinal material as a new solvent. The new solvent passes through the medicinal material layer from top to bottom and dissolves the soluble substance in the medicinal material to the bottom of the extraction tank, eliminating the cold pile of medicinal material and achieving sufficient extraction. The extraction solution enters the concentrator, continuously reduces the concentration difference of the liquid in the extraction tank, and increases the yield of the active ingredient to a greater extent. Due to less use of solvent, less concentrated liquid, short process time, energy saving.

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