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Instructions for the craft beer equipment beer fermenter

  Craft beer equipment is a set of equipment for brewing craft beer. Beer equipment mainly consists of crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, control system and cleaning system. We have had a comprehensive introduction to the saccharification system before. Today, Metuo beer equipment manufacturer introduces the fermentation system.

  Fermentation system mainly refers to beer fermenter, sake tank and temporary storage tank. beer fermenter is mainly used to carry out normal life activities of beer yeast using fermentable substances in wort under certain conditions, and the metabolic product is the desired product - craft beer.

  The type of beer fermenter

  1. Classification by use: it can be divided into brewing stainless steel tank, food stainless steel tank, pharmaceutical stainless steel tank, dairy stainless steel tank, chemical stainless steel tank, petroleum stainless steel tank, building materials stainless steel tank, electric power stainless steel tank, metallurgical stainless steel tank.

  2. According to the form classification: can be divided into vertical stainless steel tank, horizontal stainless steel tank.

  3. Classification according to pressure requirements: stainless steel pressure vessels, non-stainless steel pressure vessels.

  4. Classification according to health standards: sanitary stainless steel tank, ordinary stainless steel tank.

  Fermentation cycle

  It is determined by product type, quality requirement, yeast performance, inoculation amount, fermentation temperature, season, etc., generally 12 ~ 24 days. Generally, the fermentation cycle of common beer is shorter in summer, while that of premium beer is longer, and that of off-season is extended appropriately.

  beer fermenter model and quantity configuration

  The models of beer fermenter are mainly 100L-5000L, which can also be customized according to customers' requirements. beer fermenter is divided into waist manhole and top manhole two kinds, the number of general with 6~12, according to the specific daily output to calculate, also according to the actual site area. Metto's beer fermenter liner and outboard with premium SUS304 stainless steel plate, interior polished all-round cleaning.

  Notes on the use of beer fermenter

  1. After cleaning the beer fermenter, the upper valve can not be closed, and can be plugged with alcohol cotton. The purpose of doing so is to prevent the negative pressure inside the beer Fermenter and cause the deformation of the inner liner;

  2. Lines, switches, connectors, pipes and joints should be checked regularly to prevent aging of lines and loosening of pipes;

  3. Check the pressure and temperature of beer fermenter every day, and solve any abnormality in time, so as not to affect beer fermentation;

  4. Prevent burns caused by disconnecting valves, switches and hoses during high temperature operation.

  Maintenance of beer fermenter

  It should be cleaned in time after completion of fermentation and sterilization. During installation, it should ensure that the air distributor is reset and the filling hole washer should be replaced in time. If the bottom valve is leaking, the bottom valve washer should also be replaced.

  1. Agitator maintenance: Check and tighten the stop screws installed on the stirring shaft after opening the can cover each time.

  2. Maintenance of solenoid valve: Solenoid valve is used for beer fermenter cooling, solenoid valve spool stuck, valve core sealing ring failure and damage to the solenoid coil can cause the failure of the solenoid valve.

  3 ball valve maintenance: because the ball valve seal is made of two hemispherical tetrafluoroethylene, after a long time of use, between the seal and the spool may leak, loosen the valve ends of the card sleeve joint nuts, and then tighten the valve ends of the cylindrical joint. Under normal circumstances, there should be some resistance to turning the valve handle;

  4. Sleeve joint: tighten the pressure cap on the street;

  5. Air hose: In order to prevent the hose connected to both ends of the air flowmeter from accidental explosion, it is recommended to replace the hose every two years.

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