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What do you need to pay attention to when beer stainless steel tank is being maintained

一、What problems should be paid attention to when beer stainless steel tank is repaired

beer stainless steel tank maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

1) Do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting the beer filling machine, keep the surface of the filling machine clean, often clean the accumulated materials in the filling machine, and pay attention to keep the equipment clean.

2). Check the mold position of each station of the equipment, and make positioning adjustment.

3). Check the fixed environment of each fixed component. If it is loose, repair it immediately.

4) Lubricate the beer feeding mechanism and the sliding parts.

5). Check the wear condition of the engine timing belt, replace the damaged timing belt, and adjust the tension mechanism to the appropriate size.

6). Check the sensor probe. Whether the probe can work properly.

7). Check the air source pressure and adjust it.

8). Check the triangle clip gasket, if damaged, please replace.

二、How to inspect and maintain beer stainless steel tank

The inspection and maintenance of beer stainless steel tank are as follows:

1). When cleaning beer stainless steel tank, please scrub it with a soft brush and do not scrape it with a hard machine to avoid damage to the surface of the stainless steel tank.

2). During the use of stainless steel storage tank, attention should be paid to avoid affecting the heat transfer effect due to material scaling, and the effective way to avoid this phenomenon is to control the temperature and humidity of the materials in and out of the tank.

3) Every 2 or 3 months can check the tank body and upper and lower head, manhole, flange and other joints, to ensure that the stainless steel tank seal.

4). Under normal circumstances, the pump and driving motor should be checked once every quarter.

5) If abnormal noise is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

6). Avoid placing the storage tank in direct sunlight for a long time, because long-term sunlight exposure will make the protective film on the surface of the beer stainless steel tank aging and fall off, losing its protective effect.

7). Regularly clean and disinfect inlet and outlet cans, manholes and other equipment.

8) Maintenance personnel shall strictly abide by rules and regulations to prevent dangers and ensure their own safety.

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