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What is 100l micro brewery

100l micro brewery can be a very fun and creative project that can provide young brewing enthusiasts with a hands-on opportunity to brew and taste beer. Here are the highlights of the design and construction of 100l micro brewery:

1). Site selection: Choose a quiet, clean and well-ventilated location away from the city center and main roads. There should be plenty of lawns, gardens and water around to make beer easy to brew and store.

2). Design: Building a small brewery requires consideration of various factors, including brewing equipment, storage facilities, office space, brewing laboratory, etc. The design should focus on land conservation and environmental protection, using renewable energy as much as possible.

3) Brewing equipment: The brewing equipment of 100l micro brewery should be as small and efficient as possible to reduce brewing time and labor costs. Consider using a craft brewery's brewing equipment or making your own.

4) Storage facilities: 100l micro brewery needs to have a good storage facility to store beer. You can build a small underground cellar or use cask storage. Note that storage facilities should be kept at a distance from the brewing area to prevent contamination of the beer.

5). Office area: 100l micro brewery should set up a small office area for easy management and operation. Some facilities such as tables, chairs and coffee machines can be placed to provide a comfortable working environment.

6) Brewing laboratory: 100l micro brewery can set up a small brewing laboratory to facilitate beer research and development and innovation. Some simple equipment and tools, such as thermometers, yeast strains, mash, etc., can be used to experiment with winemaking.

In short, 100l micro brewery can provide a platform for young brewing enthusiasts to practice and create, while also taking safety and environmental protection factors into consideration in the design and construction, to ensure the efficiency and quality of the production process.

100l micro brewery advantage

The advantages of 100l micro brewery are as follows:

1) Cost saving: Due to its small scale, it can save a lot of brewing costs, including raw materials, labor, equipment, etc. At the same time, because of the small scale, can be more flexible management of the production process, timely adjustment of production plan, reduce inventory and loss.

2). Flexible operation: Due to the small scale, the production process can be managed more flexibly, the production plan can be adjusted timely, and the inventory and loss can be reduced. At the same time, it can better adapt to the local market and consumer needs, and provide more customized products and services.

3) Improve the quality: Due to the limitations of brewing equipment and process, small breweries can pay more attention to the quality and taste of beer, and can better control the quality and safety of beer. At the same time, it can better integrate with the international market and provide more international and diversified products and services.

4) Enhance innovation ability: microbreweries can be more flexible in research and development and innovation, can be closer to the market and consumer needs, and provide more responsive products and services. At the same time, it can better communicate and collaborate with other microbreweries and industry professionals to share experience and technology and promote the development and progress of the industry.

In short, 100l micro brewery has great advantages in cost saving, flexible operation, improving quality and enhancing innovation ability. It can provide a platform for young brewing lovers to practice and create, and at the same time promote the development and progress of the industry.

100l micro brewery range

The 100l micro brewery can be used to brew various types of beer, including white, yellow and dark beers. In addition, 100l micro brewery can also be used for malt syrup production, alcohol, yeast expansion, bottled production, etc. Here's how 100l micro brewery can be used in different areas:

1) Beer brewing: Suitable for brewing all types of beer, including white beer, yellow beer, dark beer, etc.

2) Malt syrup production: applicable to the production of malt syrup and other by-products.

3). Alcohol production: Applicable to the production of alcohol and other by-products.

4) Yeast expansion: Suitable for yeast expansion and other production processes.

5) Bottled production: suitable for beer bottled production, etc.

6) Other applications: including dairy fermentation, fruit and vegetable preservation, medical production and other fields.

In short, 100l micro brewery has a wide range of applications and can be used in many fields to meet different production needs.

100l micro brewery maintenance method

The maintenance methods of 100l micro brewery include the following:

1). Check the equipment regularly: check the parameters of the equipment regularly to ensure that they are within the normal range. Check the valves, pipes and instruments of the equipment for damage or leakage, and find and maintain them in time.

2) Cleaning equipment: clean the inside and outside of the equipment with a soft brush and clean water. Do not use a hard device to scratch during cleaning, so as not to damage the surface of the equipment.

3) Rust removal and corrosion protection: according to the requirements of the equipment instruction manual, the fermenter should be treated with rust removal and corrosion protection regularly. The rust removal can be treated by sandblasting or electrochemical methods, and the corrosion protection can be treated by advanced coating technology.

4). Check instrument regularly: Check the instrument on the fermenter regularly to ensure its accuracy. If the meter fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

5) Maintenance when the equipment is stopped: when the fermenter is stopped, the remaining water in the equipment and pipes should be cleaned and drained in time. At the same time, the lid and hand hole screws of the fermentation tank should be loosened to prevent the deformation of the sealing ring.

6) Observe the safe operation procedures: when using the fermenter, the relevant safe operation procedures should be observed to ensure the safety of the operation process. Wear protective equipment when in contact with water and steam to avoid burns or corrosion.

The above is the maintenance method of 100l micro brewery. Attention should be paid to regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the high efficiency and stable quality of the production process.

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