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Structural requirements for open-air beer fermenter

With the continuous improvement of beer equipment fermentation theory and beer brewing technology, the design and manufacture of conical beer fermenter have become more and more standardized, and beer equipment technology has been tested. Today I would like to share with you the design requirements of beer open-air conical beer fermenter.

The tank body is composed of dome, cylinder and cone base. The top of the tank body is a circular arch, and the center opening is used to install the large detachable diameter flange of C0, CIP pipeline and its connector. The dome is also equipped with vacuum valves, relief valves and pressure sensors; The cylinder, which is the body of the beer fermenter. The height of the beer fermenter depends mainly on the ratio of the diameter of the cylinder to the height of the diameter. Because the light pressure resistance of large diameter is relatively low, considering the thickness of steel plate, usually the diameter is <6.0m; Conical bottom, its Angle is mostly 60-90° and 90-120°, but mostly used for large diameter tanks and large capacity tanks; If the Angle is small, the cone will be very high. The height of the conical bottom of the open-air beer fermenter is related to the included Angle, accounting for about 14-13 of the total height. The liquid level in the tank is an important parameter, which not only affects the composition of alcohol by-products, but also affects the activity and physiological metabolism of yeast.

The outer wall of the conical bottom is generally equipped with cooling sleeves, valves and viewing glasses, sampling pipe valves, sensor elements or thermometers for measuring temperature and pressure, CO2 cleaning equipment, etc.

The temperature control part of beer fermenter is mainly composed of cooling layer, insulation layer, temperature measuring components, temperature recording and temperature control device, among which: the cooling layer is the main part of regulating the liquid temperature in beer fermenter, according to its structure can be divided into disc type and jacket type two; beer fermenter's insulation layer is usually polyurethane foam or urea-formaldehyde foam. beer fermenter has two temperature measuring elements: direct induction and remote control. beer fermenter's temperature control device actually supplies and disconnects cooling water.

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