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If you choose your favorite beer system equipment?

In recent years, the hot craft beer has made some home-brewed and self-brewed successful commercialization, and the way of business must go through specialized equipment to ensure the stability of quality and output.

The market has become better, many participants have joined, and this market must be very exciting and very bloody. For equipment purchase customers, a set of equipment from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, is also a small investment, if you encounter quality problems and manufacturers without after-sales service is simply a knife, regret is too late, that sentence is always so sharp: a penny a penny goods! But small manufacturers do not do well, the answer is definitely no, you need to examine the strength of the manufacturers and equipment processing, take a look at the thickness of the plate, material (201, 304) is not hanging dog head to sell mutton; See if the sheet metal is being knocked out by a manual hammer or by a machine; Check whether the welding of the pipeline is filled with argon shielded welding, and whether the internal and external are consistent without welding slag welding; It is said that foreign companies only look at whether the factory's bathroom is qualified, because the details determine everything!

The following is a formal introduction of the beer system equipment details

1, saccharification configuration

a. At present, the hotel bar brewing equipment is mainly space-saving and convenient operation of two-body three-vessel German equipment, (saccharation boiling one tank, filtration tank and rotary sinking tank combined with one tank (note: to achieve natural filtration of wort) such equipment has passed the test of the market and passed the evaluation of brewers, is the first choice of brewing shops.

Other factory equipment collocation methods are more, two, three, four, hot water tanks, these can be combined with the equipment equipped with fermenter situation and production planning arrangements to reasonable configuration.

b. If you can, it is recommended to add a hop adding filter tank, which can filter the hop to prevent the blockage of the heat exchanger, and can also add the hop hot to improve the hop aroma of the fermentation liquid.

c. Domestic brewing equipment filter tank is almost all cone bottom, so convenient processing, the cost is low, but the wort recovery rate is also low, the best design is flat (the price is slightly expensive), one is the filter tank speed, but the wort recovery rate is higher. At the same time, it is equipped with a convenient disassembly sieve plate, and the sieve plate is taken out and washed to dry after each brewing.

Winemakers in Europe and the United States often remove and wash the grid, because the grid is full of dirt under the grid is easy to hide, usually can not see, summer half a day will breed bacteria resulting in odor. Domestic winemakers basically will not disassemble, because some manufacturers are not convenient to disassemble, so they use bubbles, which is lazy!

d. Filter tank washing spray coil is very necessary, most manufacturers are not equipped, this need to add, hot water washing directly through the pump and pipeline through the washing coil spray down convenient and safe, if there is no spray coil, only manual washing, with a hose spray washing, not to say the danger is very troublesome.

e. The heating method of boiling pot is very important, the best choice for steam heating, steam heating heating surface is uniform, wort color is not too deep, of course, this needs to be equipped with a boiler, the equipment cost is slightly higher. Electric heating tube heating can be used on the equipment below 1000 liters, by equipping with auxiliary measures such as stirring can be very good to avoid the occurrence of the pot, etc., more than 1000 liters of equipment directly with steam heating, do not think about the electric heating tube heating.

2. Fermenter

a. If the budget is sufficient, then side or upper manholes, mechanical pressure regulator, breathing valve, sampling valve, laser welding jacket, hop dry nozzle, etc., please feel free to fit. If the budget is limited, at least the manufacturer needs to add hop dry nozzle and sampling valve.

b. The most important thing is the material and thickness of the plate, the temperature generated in the use of too high, too low, too high pressure, acid and alkali will cause steel plate fatigue, affecting the service life of the fermenter. The thickness of the inner liner of the equipment above 500L shall not be less than 3mm, the thickness of the ice water jacket shall be 1.5mm, and the thickness of the outer liner shall be 1.5mm-2mm. I heard some friends say that after 1 year, the fermenter leaked ice water or wine, in fact, the manufacturer did not use enough thickness of the steel plate, or the level of welding workers is too poor, and the welding oxidation is serious.

3. Refrigerator

The credit of the refrigerator is far greater than the boiler, and the preservation of all craft beer is inseparable from the low temperature, especially the lager-based beer needs low temperature. Once the refrigeration problem occurs, the temperature of all beer will increase, which will seriously affect the quality of beer. Be sure to choose the quality of stable, live with the big brand, the equipment is recommended to be equipped with 2 chillers, two ice water coils, two chillers work at the same time, reduce the burden of the refrigerator, there is a problem, the other can operate normally.

4. Boiler

Boilers are currently standard products, the quality is relatively stable, it is recommended to choose large brands, while the use of boilers must be equipped with softening water equipment, otherwise the scale in the boiler will be full for several months, which will seriously affect safety.

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