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How to choose hotel type small batch distillery equipment

Buy a set of stable equipment, the operation can be simple or complex, but the equipment must be stable, the temperature control must be stable, the time control is accurate, the traditional beer process standardization, the IPA and other characteristics of beer to make characteristics. So what should be the basis for choosing small batch distillery equipment?

Using a variety of different recipes and regulation in the brewing process, a variety of different beers can be brewed, such as German, American, Dutch, Czech tastes of beer, but also according to local preferences and seasonal changes to blend different varieties of beer.

small batch distillery equipment Short production cycle, small production can ensure the freshness of beer. Compared with the general beer, this beer has a good taste and mellow taste, which can be compared with any imported premium beer.

Due to mass production, the product can be adjusted to avoid the drawbacks of resource waste and product backlog in the production of large beer, and improve the defects of equipment capacity empty.

At the same time, with the restaurant and entertainment industry supporting, improve the attraction, strengthen the promotion ability, increase the economic efficiency, which is a development trend, high benefit project.

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