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How does a novice choose wine making equipment?

First of all, brewing equipment can be roughly divided into large, medium and small brewing equipment according to size. Of course, this is a general division of commonly used models. Regardless of the size and type of brewing equipment, we can customize it to meet the needs of our customers. Micro beer brewing equipment is less suitable for brewing and drinking because it produces less alcohol. If it is an enterprise, it is suitable for medium and large brewing equipment. Medium-sized wine making equipment can cook up to 200 pounds of grain at a time. More suitable for raw liquor brewing process. Traditional fixing method can be used, but fixing method is more laborious. If wine is to be made using solid state technology, it is more efficient to use large wine making equipment. But if you're just starting out, don't know the prospects, and want to avoid risk, you can use a medium-sized one first, and then change to a larger one later when business is good.

Secondly, if it is divided according to the material of wine making equipment, modern stainless steel and aluminum are commonly used. Stainless steel is stronger and more durable, but its thermal and heat dissipation properties are not as good as aluminum. However, the thermal and heat dissipation properties of aluminum are not good. Stainless steel is more durable, but the cooler and air duct do not need to load food, the carrying capacity is not large, and can only play the role of distilled gas, so the steamer can choose stainless steel, aluminum air duct and cooler, each has its own advantages. The choice of wine making equipment is basically these two points. Modern brewing equipment is mainly made of aluminum and stainless steel. So as friends preparing wine, how should we choose? Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of aluminum is fast heat conduction, fast cooling, so it is especially suitable for the distillation process of wine, but the disadvantage is not as durable as stainless steel, stainless steel is more durable, but the thermal conductivity is far less than aluminum, so the most suitable choice is the steamer using stainless steel, and the duct and cooler are made of aluminum, increasing the durability of the brewing equipment, and combined with the advantages of rapid heat transfer of aluminum. It is the most suitable and best combination to avoid shortcomings and choose two materials.

wine making equipment according to the process can be divided into solid wine making equipment, semi-solid wine making equipment and liquid wine making equipment three categories. We can choose the brewing equipment according to our production method. First: Solid state brewing method is the traditional brewing method. Compared to liquid brewing, solid brewing requires more cooking and requires more sites, facilities and personnel. However, this wine tastes good and the yield is relatively low. However, the wine tastes delicious, requires large brewing equipment, suitable for mass brewing, and can ensure that the taste of each batch is consistent.

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