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Precautions for cleaning stainless steel fermenter

stainless steel fermenter in the production process, it is easy to produce a lot of dirty substances, such as a certain amount of dirt accumulated on the tank wall. In order to ensure the safe production of materials, the fermenter needs to be cleaned after each use of stainless steel fermenter. In the cleaning process, we need to pay attention to the following six points.

1, when cleaning the fermenter, be sure to pay attention to use a special soft brush to clean, so as not to damage the surface of the fermenter.

2. Replace the lubricating oil regularly to ensure normal use and the life of the tank.

3, in the case that the fermenter is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned in time to exhaust the remaining water in the fermenter and the pipes to ensure that it can be used normally when needed in the future.

4, when the air leakage occurs at the inlet and outlet pipe connection, if the problem can not be solved by tightening the street, then it is necessary to think about whether the filler should be replaced.

5, in the cleaning should pay attention to the instrument panel, electrical equipment can not be in contact with water, to prevent water damage.

6, in the fermentation process, we must keep absolutely clean, keep the workbench clean, and clean the used things in time to facilitate future use.

The above six points are the cleaning precautions for stainless steel fermenter. Hengdong stainless steel fermenter is the main equipment for chemical production to achieve chemical reaction, and is widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, wine and other industries.

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