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A full set of small wine making equipment function introduction

Do you know what parts are included in a complete set of wine making equipment? When buying a full set of large and small wine making equipment, will you look at the function part by part to understand clearly? Today, let's take a look at the components of a complete set of wine making equipment.

wine making equipment for a string steamer

Using wine making equipment to steam the local traditional flavor pure grain wine, can make the hometown taste of traditional wine, to meet the needs of customers who drink hometown taste.

The fermented grains were steamed with various kinds of grain wine, made of low cost and high quality grain liquor, and made of traditional fermented grains with traditional technology. The yield of the new process and the flavor effect of the traditional process were achieved by combining the new process with the traditional process. Ensure quality. Reduce costs. Enhance competitive advantage.

The use of fruit, characteristic grain, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and other raw materials on the string steamer can make wine with characteristic flavor, make flower wine, fruit wine, medicine flavor wine and other characteristic wine. In summary, pure grain alcohol wine making equipment has the following advantages:

1. wine making equipment using steam open fire double heating never paste pot. Greatly shorten the steaming time, the equipment can be heated by electric heating/natural gas/liquefied gas/wood/coal/carbon and other fuels, suitable for customers in different regions.

2. The wine making equipment is simple and convenient for disassembly/installation of the integrated equipment, which can be easily operated by one person and is convenient for door-to-door processing and steaming of wine.

3. with the discharge port can be directly discharged, multiple cycle production, saving time, labor, fuel, the second pot than the first pot to save 30 minutes cooking time.

4. with wine adjustable pot cover, can be free to save high alcohol. You can steam it as much or as little as you want.

5. the equipment has the function of multiple steaming, improve the alcohol (such as: double steaming, three steaming).

6. the equipment adopts imported mirror 8K304 stainless steel material, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, normal service life of more than 10 years. Equipment solid process liquid process can be used.

wine making equipment Wine making equipment

Promote chenbao: filter and clarify, remove liquor flavor, promote aging and aroma. Interlayer resteaming: In the distillation process, the use of interlayer cooling to play the role of repeated distillation, improve the quality of liquor!

Interlayer to increase the alcohol degree: using the boiling point difference between liquor and water, reduce the water vapor flow, increase the alcohol vapor flow, play a role in increasing the alcohol degree.

wine making equipment digester

Steam heating does not paste the pot: The use of water steam to stir the fermented grains to eliminate the phenomenon of paste the pot.

Energy saving: Heating the honeycomb bottom twice saves one-third of the time and fuel costs compared to traditional distillation per pot.

Cycle production: Due to the design of the drain tube and the feed funnel, the steamed wine can be recycled, and the second pot saves half an hour than the first pot.

wine making equipment airway

Double cooling, the duct cold shell plus a layer of cooling device, increase the cooling area, cool underwater in and out, the faster the cycle more heat dissipation, to ensure the cooling effect.

The double-layer non-leakage design, with an inner tube on the inside of the end of the airway to ensure that the liquor does not leak out, can make the production 3~6% higher than the traditional design.

wine making equipment for energy efficient stoves

No need to hit the stove, save fuel, shorten the steaming time, reduce costs, the use of boiler structure, the use of multi-layer and multi-tube water formation, the use of fire energy by heating water into water steam. The fuel used can be wood, coal, natural gas, gas and other fuels. Energy saving, fast and efficient!

wine making equipment cooler

Multi-layer and multi-tube cooling, using multi-layer and multi-tube, the increased cooling area is equivalent to more than 1 times the heating area of the digester, and the cooling time is increased.

Circulating water cooling: The use of circulating underwater inlet and outlet cooling, reduce the water temperature, cooling effect is good, the wine is room temperature, not volatile, coupled with the sink seal, not volatile wine steam, this design ensures at least 20% more than the traditional output! No residual wine, ensure quality!

The above is the relevant introduction of a full set of equipment, we buy a full set of wine making equipment remember every detail and function to understand clearly not so as to buy a full set of wine making equipment suitable for their own.

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